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Trustworthness and thankful

Trustworthness and thankful are two very important values. First of all, trustwothness is a value that consist in trusting in someone, is having faith or believing. And thankful, is basically being grateful, for either something or someone, the word says it “thank”. Well, the way these two values reflect in the story are very evident and clear. The way the value trustwothness reflects in the story is, the way that I fell that none can be trust in the story, everyone has like a breaking point, you couldn’t trust the Devil for obvious reasons, he was the devil, but Tom in a way trusted the devil when he accepted the bargain. Things did go well for a couple of years for Tom. Until it was time for the devil to take him. In the story they also talked a lot about Tom´s relationship with his wife, the relationship was toxic, they would argue a lot, they would cheat, there was no trust, and in here the value of trustwothness was reflected perfectly, because it wasn’t present. Tom´s wife also …

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